For all kinds of tax returns


The experienced team at Hayter & Associates can help you file all kinds of different tax returns – simple personal tax (just T4 income), more complex personal tax (self-employed income and/or a rental statement), small business tax, and estate tax returns.

Get in touch with our office today to see how we can help make taxes stress-free for you this year.

Where do I start?

Start by calling our office or stopping by for a scheduled appointment. We have a handy big brown envelope on site that includes a checklist of (almost) everything you might need to get your taxes done quickly and effectively.

Our staff has over 30 years of experience filing tax returns for individuals, businesses, and estates and can help make the process simple and understandable for you.

What do I need to file?

What you need to gather will depend on what kind of return you are filing. Typically for a personal tax return you will need your employment income – which usually comes in the form of a T4 – your property tax or rent receipt for the year, and any other specialty slips you may have been mailed such as a T5 (investment income), T4E (unemployment income), T2202A (tuition slip), or RRSP slip.

We have a handy Brown envelope with a list of a lot of the potential things you will need for your tax return. Just give us a call or stop by the office by appointment for more information.

What can I claim?

Navigating the Canadian tax system involves understanding the various deductions and credits available to optimize your financial standing. For individuals in Canada, awareness of eligible claims is key. Common deductions encompass expenses related to employment, medical costs, and charitable donations. Exploring tax credits for education, home-related expenditures, and environmentally-friendly initiatives can further enhance your financial outlook.

We can assist you in making sense of this intricate landscape. Our expert team is well-versed in Canadian tax regulations and can guide you through the process, ensuring you maximize your eligible claims. Empower your financial decisions by partnering with us to navigate the opportunities for tax relief that apply to your specific situation.

Have Any Questions?

Have questions or need more information? We’re here to help! Feel free to reach out with any questions or inquiries you may have.