Manage your money

Accounting Software & Training

Having the right software for the job is essential. At Hayter & Associates Inc., we want to give you the power to manage your money on a day-to-day basis. We can teach you how to use affordable software to manage your business, track your spending, set up invoices, request payments, and so much more in one simple dashboard.

Do I need accounting software?

Having accounting software definitely makes many tasks easier. Depending on what program you’re working with, it can automate orders and invoices, create T4s for employees, maintain client information, and so much more. It’s a cost-effective addition that will make your day-to-day life easier, and cumulative tasks – like taxes – a lot more efficient.

So, do you need accounting software? Well, if you run a small business or do freelance work, it’s absolutely worth it – and our team can help you get started, discuss your options, and show you how to get the most out of your time spent on accounting tasks.

What software can you train me on?

We primarily train and work with the well-known accounting software Quickbooks. Whether you want to manage employee timecards, expenses, inventory, invoicing, or all of the above, we can teach you how to get a handle on money coming in and out of your business. Quickbooks has a simple interface that makes regularly managing your business activities easy.

We are also familiar with other software, including Sage and Excel and can help you choose the best software for your business.

Have Any Questions?

Have questions or need more information? We’re here to help! Feel free to reach out with any questions or inquiries you may have.