Do you have debt and are not sure where to start to get rid of it? Having debt is normal – but so is wanting to eliminate it. If you want to learn how to reduce and eventually eliminate those school loans, credit card debts, and lines of credit we can help. Our team are experts in guiding you through creating a solid plan – with goals and next steps along the way, saying goodbye to debt is in your reach.


Where do I start?

Great question. The best thing you can do for your financial future, when it comes to debt, is sit down with a financial consultant to go over all of your debts and their sources. It’s often a good strategy to prioritize your debts by looking at which have the highest interest rates, minimum payment requirements, and other factors to create a plan around reducing your overall debt load the fastest.


Student debt is crushing me, help!

Plan ahead – its important that you balance saving money with paying off debts. While this might initially seem tricky or counterproductive, you don’t want to end up in a situation where you’re deciding between a $300 loan payment or a $300 car repair. Don’t let student debt overwhelm you, it’s very normal to have student debt after graduating! Let our team guide you though creating a plan to get out of debt faster and more effectively.


Do I have to toss my credit cards?

Just because you have debt, doesn’t mean you need to throw away all of your credit cards. They can actually be an excellent source of tracking your money and building a credit rating. Make sure you have online banking and e-alerts set up. Check on your credit cards regularly, and don’t wait for the bill at the end of each month. Make sure each purchase can relate to an item in your budget and that you’re not exceeding what you’d set out to spend. Your financial health is in your hands, and sitting down with our team can give you more tools, tips, and advice for a better financial future.

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