Whether your business is big, small, established, or just getting started – we’re here to help you get your money on track. We can help as little or as much as you’d like, so come in today to see how we can help your business succeed financially.


I'm just starting my business, help!

Contact us! There’s a lot to consider when you’re just starting out. Whether you’re opening an online store or starting your own brick and mortar establishment, we’ve got you covered. Financing your business, purchasing inventory, renting a space and figuring out insurance can seem daunting – so come in to see us and we will put your mind at ease and help you make a realistic plan to track and take control of your finances. No fluff, no pushing our own agenda, just real advice that will work for you.


Can you help me grow my business?

While dealing with the financial side of your business is not always the most glamorous, it is without a doubt a crucial component to growing your business. Keeping up to date with your record keeping can help you forecast, intercept any issues, and improve on your current margins. Our team can help you create a practical plan for growth if that is where you see your business going. Not everyone needs to grow, but if that is your goal, start here.


Do you have small business experience?

Being a small business ourselves, and having many small business clients, we’re quite familiar with all aspects of small business accounting. If you’re just starting out we can help you establish a bookkeeping system, train you on accounting software, determine your tax obligations (including filing HST), and set you off on the right path to running a successful business. If you’re already an established business we can help you improve your current systems, give you advice on managing expenses, and help determine the best way to increase your profits. Hayter & Associates Inc. has been operating for over 30 years, and we want to share our wealth of small business knowledge with our community.


Can you help with my business taxes?

Absolutely! Many of our clients come to us every year to have their business taxes prepared. Filing your taxes as a business can be a lot of work and it’s an annual obligation. However we can help you navigate the waters of filing and help you maximize legitimate deductions. Knowing what does and does not apply to your business is crucial; from capitalizing on credits, including pertinent deductions, keeping organized records, and recognizing red flags – our team is ready to help you retain as much of your hard earned profits as possible.

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