Tax Tips + Articles from CRA

Every month or so, the Canadian Revenue Agency releases new tax tips and information on their website. The site is constantly updating to cover a wide variety of pertinent topics. Simply follow the link below, click on the current year, and you can view all of the articles and tips written about your tax obligations.
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Notice of Error – 2018 Calendar

To our valued clients, If you received one of Hayter & Associates Inc.’s 2018 Calendars – either by mail or in person – this notice pertains to you. Please disregard the wording that is in the April sheet of our 2018 calendar about tax filing extensions. This wording applies to the American tax filing system,
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When Should you Retire?

Often the questions isn’t when should you retire, but when can you retire. We’re living longer as a society, and government programs like pensions lag behind advancements that contribute to life expectancy; they were set up to provide security for 15 years, not 30. American author and personal financial guru Suze Orman recently published an
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Proposed Tax Changes & Your Farm

By now, you have probably heard that the Department of Finance has proposed some significant changes to the Lifetime Capital Gains Deduction, Income Sprinkling and other new rules involving corporations and trusts. These changes will affect farmers across the country immensely. Take a moment to read the article below written by Kingston Ross Pasnak L.L.P.
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Do you need a Financial Advisor, or an Accountant?

Make sure your finances are covered by enlisting the help you need. This article written for Investopedia below gives a great summary of whether you need a financial advisor, an accountant, or both – and how they’re different but complimentary. Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments!  
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5 things to consider before signing an employment contract

Employment has a different face for everyone. Some are employed, some self employed, some come with strict contracts, and some come with awesome benefits. Here are 5 important things to consider before signing with your next employer or contractor. First of all – are you self-employed, or are you an employee? CRA has a guide
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Self Employment – What you need to know come tax time.

First of all – are you self-employed, or are you an employee? CRA has a guide for determining your status, click HERE to view it. As a freelancer or a self employed individual, your take-home pay is going to look a lot different than if you were an employee somewhere. Typically there’s no taxes, pension,
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